Fun Water Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

Have you made your summer bucket list yet? Does it include sand, sun and surf? Now is the time to start planning some water-filled days of fun in the sun. Read on for a few ideas of things to do this summer.

Summer Bucket List 2015

Diving and snorkeling
You don’t have to jet off to the Caribbean to dive or snorkel. Though, we think that would be a fine idea. Become SCUBA-certified or brush up on your current skills by doing some lake diving or diving the shipwrecks off the Atlantic coast. Florida’s reef system offers pristine snorkeling conditions.

Waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing
Head off to your local lakes and rivers for a day of aquatic adventure. Whether you’ve been waterskiing your whole life or are just getting started, a day of skimming across the water on skis or in a tube is a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Deep sea fishing
Gather some friends and set off on a deep sea fishing excursion. Fishing charter trips are extremely popular along the coasts of the Atlantic, the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico. If tackling big game fish like marlin, tuna and sailfish doesn’t appeal to you, round up a bass boat and head out to the lakes and rivers for trout, bass and perch or take up the art of fly fishing.

Swimming and sunbathing
When you want to take it easy, a pontoon boat or deck boat makes a nice hangout for swimming and sunbathing. Large decks, swim platforms and ladders provide all you need for a full day of fun in the sun. Toss out the anchor and hang out on the river, lake or bay while you soak up the sun and work on your backstroke. Don’t forget to pack lots of snacks and munchies.

Sightseeing, dining and events
Spend the day cruising coastal areas and spotting native wildlife. Sail to a waterfront restaurant and tie up at the dock for a unique dining experience. Watching fireworks or musical events from the deck of a boat just might be the highlight of the day or even the whole summer.

Jet ski tours
Consider renting a jet ski or taking a sightseeing tour. There are several watersport companies in Key West that offer guided jet ski tours around the entire island of Key West. Get a unique perspective of the island and its wildlife as you zoom through the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Depending upon the model, a single ski can hold up to three people. Jet skis are very stable. After a basic safety and introductory lesson, you’ll be zipping around with the best of them.


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