The Secret to a Fun Summer at a Low Cost

If you’re looking to have the most epic summer of your life and you don’t want to break the bank, then look no further. With more and more people lo0king to cut costs, the sharing economy has seen a massive surge since Airbnb hit the scene back in 2008. The last ten or so years have seen companies evolve that allow people to share everything from apartments to cars, and even boats. Since sharing means spending less, there’s no better time than ever to hit the water this summer with a summer boat rental from Boatsetter. So whether you’re living in Miami or your out on the Almafi Coast in Italy, hop aboard the perfect boat rental this summer and let us take care of the rest.

Rent a center console and go fishing in the deep blue sea

With a fishing boat rental from Boatsetter, you can book a fishing trip with or without a captain. With fishing boat rentals across the globe easily bookable for under $500.00 per day, this is a great way to find something fun to do with your friends and family this summer at a low cost. From the boat, you can go fishing in the reefs or head out for some deep sea fishing. Since many of our boats come with snorkeling gear, you can also jump ship and get a look at all of the colorful aquatic life below the surface. When you’ve reeled in some big fish, you and cook em’ up and sizzle them for a nice tasty meal in the evening.

Pitch in on drinks and food and chill out on the sandbar

That’s right now that you’ve got that sizzlin’ summer boat rental, it’s time to cruise on over to the nearby sandbar where all the locals are dipping their toes in the water. You can go in on some groceries and craft brews with your crew and anchor up at the sandbar with a full belly. Since sandbars are quite shallow, they make the perfect place to congregate and get a little summer swim in. Just ask the folks down in Miami at Haulover Sandbar. With your toes in the water, you can play some of your favorite music from the Bluetooth speakers and enjoy that summer breeze as it blows through your hair.

Take things to the next level with a Long Island yacht rental

Nothing says, “New York,” like renting a luxury yacht for you and your crew. So if you’re looking to rent a boat for a nice summer day in Long Island, look no further. The yacht is here to satisfy your needs. With one of our luxury yacht rentals, you can take out your entire extended family or your entire company and celebrate those summer holidays from the water in style. You can even rent a yacht that comes with a culinary staff on board and a captain to guide you around Manhattan as the sun sets on the Big Apple. After a long day on the water, you can cruise on over to Battery Park and watch the fireworks show as they sparkle in the sky on the Fourth of July.


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