Tips on tipping! Also known as: Boat Captains need love too.

So, your boat charter day has finally arrived. It’s all systems go. You, your family, your friends are slathered in sunscreen, the cooler’s packed (fresh cut fruit, homemade guacamole, all kinds of lovely libations for quenching your thirst), the flip flops are on. You arrive at your meet up point and set sail. As you settle in for your amazing day of boating…it’s worth mentioning the worth of your captain. The value of having a boat captain at the helm during your boat rental is priceless even to the most experienced boater. Think about it: Do you know the best places for sandbar partying, snorkeling, fishing, dockside dining if you are not in your neck of the woods? Wouldn’t you rather be relaxing and watching the sunset while clinking wine glasses with your wife than navigating through the no-wake zone? Speaking of wine…if you ‘d like to relax and have a drink, well, it surely goes without saying that drinking and boating is a major issue being cracked down on more and more. (One more reason the captain’s presence is great!) So, you’ve got your awesome captain who knows how to navigate, does the driving so you don’t have to and gets you to the perfect location whatever that may be. But, there’s so much more heavy lifting involved… Okay, not literally heavy lifting (unless of course, he is loading fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, adding more life jackets, prepping the boat with a few extra bottles of water just in case)….no, never mind, he is doing heavy lifting. In addition, your boat captain has been in contact with the boat owner and reviewed any specifics of your boat rental including the boat’s operational systems, safety issues, owner tips etc. He or she has also confirmed that the boat is ready for charter and communicated with the Marina (if applicable) to make sure it’s ready for departure when you and your crew arrive. There has been an entire check-in process that happens behind the scenes. During the duration of the boat rental, you have an expert onboard. Your expert is familiar with the waterways, can get in and out of tight spots and knows how to respond in the face of bad weather or unexpected problems that sometimes arise. When the boat charter ends, your job? Go home and get some rest (probably start planning your next boating adventure…) Your captain? He’ll help you make sure the fuel levels are back to where they started, communicate with the owner and do a checking in process to make sure all is in order. All this hard work is rewarded with a solid hourly rate…but a tip is best practice. Of course, you tip based on your level of service but the rule of thumb is 10-15% of the charter value. If your captain goes the extra mile…remember no good deed should go unnoticed. Have any great captain stories to share? We're all ears... Ready for your next boat charter? Charter a boat today!


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