Tips & Tricks: An Owner’s Guide to Success!

Boost your Boat and Enhance your Boatsetter Experience

The time and energy that go into owning a boat can feel equivalent to a second job. Make the most of your boat and make your boat work for you not against you. Your boat should be a source of profit and solace. If you are having trouble getting your boat to perform the way you would like, then read Boatsetter’s tips and tricks on how to increase your rentals and make your boat listing more desirable.

1.Improve Search Results

Make work for you! SEO, search engine optimization, is the key to maintaining a high ranking on Boatsetter. Keeping your content up to date and responding to all inquiries will boost your spot higher up in the search results on the listing page. Our system automatically ranks (and places your listing on our search engine pages) based on your overall responsiveness and active status on our website. The faster and more frequently you respond to potential renters, update your calendar, increase your review score (we’ll get to that in a minute), the higher up on the search list your boat will be!

2.  Make The 1st Impression Count

Pictures play a major role in grabbing users attention. Having high-quality photos and a multitude of them is an important way to keep potential renters hooked. Once a renter comes in contact with beautiful boat photos, it will be hard for them to move on to a different listing, as they are less likely to keep scrolling and sifting through pages once they find a potential match. We recommend having at least 5 high-quality photos: one of the entire boat (preferably on the water), interior and extra shots of its best features.

Need help with photos? Boatsetter will be rolling out a photography program that will allow owners to request photos to be taken by a photographer in their area. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to to see if your boat qualifies for a free photography session.

3. Reviews Are Key

The first thing people do after finding a boat that looks appealing is checking to see if the reviews match their expectations. Reviews are extremely important not only to gauge how your boat is performing but also establish your vessel’s reputation and credibility.

  • Renter Reviews: You have the ability to write a review for previous renters and their overall experience–whether they were good renters, kept the boat in shape, or abided by your rules.
  • Owner Reviews: On the flip side, renters are highly encouraged to review owners and their boats. Keeping consistent communication between you and the renter is the best way to maintain a relationship and receive positive outcomes and reviews. Want to keep racking in those 5-stars? Try to go out of your way to help the renter enjoy your boat to the fullest- send a message before departure, ensure your boat is clean and fully equipped for the trip, provide extras such as water, soda and towels.

Didn’t receive a review from a previous renter? Don’t hesitate to reach out to renters for a review. In fact, we recommend it!

4. Your Boat Listing Details

It’s all in the details! Don’t be shy and skimp on the details of your vessel. Being in-depth with the specifics about what makes your boat unique is how you will set yourself apart from other owners and listings on the site. Mention your boat’s features, favorite places to cruise in your city and other relevant information that could be useful to potential renters.  Also, be sure to set the specifics of your schedule, price, and calendar (and continuously keep it up to date)!

5. Get Social

Word of mouth is the best way to boost your engagement. Get the people talking and interested in what you have to offer by sharing your boat outside of your inner circle. From your Owner’s Dashboard, you have the ability to promote your boat with the click of a button. Simply visit your dashboard, navigate to “My Boats” and click “Promote”, giving you the option to share your listing on Facebook, Twitter or both! Additionally, if you would like to go beyond Facebook or Twitter, uniquely share your Boatsetter URL-link anywhere, anytime.  The internet is your boats best friend- use it!

We hope you found these tips helpful. We are excited to watch you and your boat thrive with Boatsetter! If you need any additional help feel free to contact our support team for guidance. Smooth sailing and earnings are in your future!


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