Top 10 Spots to Boat this Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is one of the last chances that many boating enthusiasts have to get out on the water before the busy holiday season starts to set in. When you are planning your last big weekend on the water, you’ll want to choose a fantastic spot. Boatsetter has vessels in over 600 locations, making your ability to get out on the water extremely easy. Here are 10 of the best spots to take your boat out this Labor Day. From beautiful hot spots to tourist-free locations, we've linked our fleet in these locations to help you pick the perfect vessel.  

1. Hartwell Lake in Georgia and South Carolina

Do you usually head to the Atlanta area for your best adventures? Take your crew just an hour east of Atlanta to family-friendly Hartwell Lake, which stretches between Georgia and South Carolina. Lakeside home rentals offer easy access to the boating docks where you can fish or enjoy water sports. We have a vast fleet to help you cover the stretch of this lake, check it out here!

2.Lake Michigan in Chicago

You may not think of windy Chicago as the best place to get in some summer fun, but there’s no city on the planet that celebrates summer more than a place that is bracing for a long winter. Lake Michigan is awesome for boating. Take the boat just 20 minutes beyond the city and the water rivals tropical hot spots. Hit the playpen full speed on one of our these Chicago boats.

3. Valle de Bravo in Mexico

Want to get away from the tourists? Valle de Bravo is near Mexico City, and offers a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains for your Labor Day weekend. Our international fleet spans through Mexico as well, making your travels even more convenient.

4. Blue Mountain Lake in New York

The Adirondacks are a beloved spot for fishers, and the Blue Mountain Lake area offers tons of ways to enjoy fun on the water on one of our New York vessels. Campgrounds give you the best access to the state’s perfect bass fishing this time of year. So dive in and cast out!

5. Steamboat Lake in Colorado

If trout fishing is what you are after, Steamboat Lake is the best-kept secret in the boating community. This lake is right at the base of Hahn’s Peak and offers 1,055 acres of boating and fishing space. Sneak off to this spot in one of our these stealthy fishing rides.

6. Pulau Weh in Indonesia

Want a tropical getaway this holiday weekend? Head to the tiny island in Indonesia that is known for white-sand beaches and beautiful snorkeling opportunities. Our pristine fleet will have you feeling as if you are on your own private island and beach.

7. Copper Harbor in Michigan

Another ideal spot for boaters who want to fish, Copper Harbor is mostly undiscovered by the crowds as of yet. It’s a great place for angling, and we've got the boat's for you! Trout, bass, walleye, salmon, and splake are abundant in this scenic lake, and the water is a bit warmer thanks to the flow from Lake Fanny Hooe.

8. Newport in Rhode Island

The most famous seaside boating spot in New England is definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been! Yacht lovers will find this an ideal getaway. Our Rhode Island rentals will have you gliding through the glistening waterways this beautiful state has to offer.

9. Lake Havasu in Arizona

Party-goers will love this boating hot spot, known for hosting college students whenever there’s a break from classes. Beat the heat by dip, diving, and sailing out on our boat's through the party scene waters.

10. Seattle in Washington

Seattle has more pleasure boats per capita than any other boating city in the U.S., so it must be worth a visit! Chill out, relax, and check out this beautiful city for a metropolitan vacation this Labor Day weekend. These 10 hot spots offer something for everyone, no matter what kind of escape you want this year.


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