The Top Boating Apps Every Boat Expert Needs

Our Top Five Apps for a Hassle-Free Boating Experience

Smartphones are already in almost every aspect of our lives, so why not introduce them to boating too? If it would mean less hassle and better boating experiences, sign us up! And, that’s just what we did! Surfing the sea of the internet, we’ve explored and checked many apps that could be useful for boating, narrowing the possibilities down to the top few. There’s a wide variety of boating apps with wildly different purposes, and that’s the best part of it. No matter your preferences when it comes to boating, there will surely be an app that can make it easier for you. From social media for fishermen, to the apps for navigation, there’s an app for everything. And, with that in mind, here are our top five boating apps.

Boatsetter Owner’s App 

When it comes to navigating your Boatsetter boat rentals on the go, there’s no better way to do it than through our app. Within this app you can manage your trip requests, securely communicate with renters and captains alike via the private messaging tool, and view & manage the boats in your fleet. But that’s not all, because this app covers the whole array of options that are available at Boatsetter, you can access all the important documents and information about upcoming trips, renters, and so much more!


Navionics Boating 

Why buy a GPS when you already have a device that can support a boating navigation app? The top of the line app with the most important boating safety feature is just a few taps away from you. Navionics Boating app offers everything a GPS does, and more. It will keep track of your location automatically and you can keep it close to you at all times. You can even download the charts for offline use, and never worry again about your boat safety because of your mobile network connection. 


Boating Suite

Replace all of the notebooks and scraps of paper with an app and you will make your life easier and help the environment, all in one fell swoop. This app is made by boating enthusiasts for boating enthusiasts and it features everything a boater might need. You can easily log your trips, track your fuel, and save the reminders to keep up with boat maintenance. It even has a handy to-do, shopping, and other lists, where you can record the boat owner tips you come across. All in all, this is a perfect app for you to keep track of all the information and reminders you might need about your boat because it’s as close as your phone is.


Fish Brain 

With this handy app, you can keep track and level up of your fishing achievements. Besides the log of your personal fishing stats, it also offers information on the best spots to fish, all conveniently divided into categories such as the type of water you’ll be fishing in and the popularity of spots. All the information is crowdsourced by the very anglers that use the app, so you know it’s already been tested. 


Friend Mapper 

The best combination of functions of GPS and mobile phones, the location tracking, now has a special app made just for that. The age of missing your friend’s location in the vast sea is over, especially if you both have this app on your phone – you can find them with just a few clicks and by setting sail in the proper direction.


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