Topic: Boat Ownership

Is Buying a Boat a Bad Investment?

How to decide if boat ownership is right for you Being out on the open water is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. Weekend fishing trips with your friends. A Saturday afternoon of water sports. Overnight adventures with the family. The ways you can make memories on a boat are endless. […]

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Can Boats be Stored Outside during the Winter?

Most of us would love the opportunity to go boating year-round. The problem is that if you live even a little north of Florida, it’s simply too cold to do that! So then the question is: what do you do during the winter months? In general, the colder the winter, the more precautions you will […]

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How To Winterize Your Boat

Unless you are lucky enough to be chartering off to the Caribbean this winter you likely are going to be facing some cold, cold weather. Even if you have your boat in a shed or under wrap, this might not be enough to protect it from the wrath of Old Man Winter. So instead be […]

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How to Make a DIY Boat Shed

A boat is a serious purchase and it’s important that you protect it. The various elements like sun, wind, and rain can damage the exterior of the boat and greatly reduce the lifetime of its use. For this reason, many individuals opt to store their vessel in a shed as it provides much more protection […]

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Boat trailer in front of tent

4 Tips for Trailering your Boat

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a boat. It is our gateway to the sea! Now it’s time to actually get it in there. For first time sailors, getting your boat trailed just perfectly seems difficult, but it’s all just a matter of technique. Read this short guide and you’ll be getting your boat […]

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How Smart Boat Owners Can Offset Boat Ownership Cost

It is a fairly well-known fact that boating, while enjoyable and rewarding, is an expensive hobby and lifestyle to maintain. Not only do you initially shell out a pretty hefty penny to purchase the boat, but there’s that ongoing expense of insurance, yearly maintenance and slip or storage yard fees. Whether it’s a concept like […]

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