Topic: Boat Ownership

Owning Versus Renting A Luxury Boat

Are you pondering the possibility of buying a luxury boat or yacht? Those polished teak decks, majestic sails and shiny hulls have a way of turning the most diehard landlubber into a boating buff in a matter of minutes. If you’re a first-time luxury boat buyer or aren’t sure if the boating lifestyle is right […]

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Four Great Reasons to Reconsider Sharing your Boat or Yacht

Have you heard the buzz about boat sharing? Everyone seems to be talking about sharing, the sharing economy  – sharing cars, sharing spare bedrooms etc; but when it comes to sharing boats and yachts there is still a little bit of confusion on the subject. How would that work? (You might find yourself asking!) Here’s what […]

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hurricane season tips

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Boat Owners

Now that hurricane season is here, it’s time for some hurricane preparation tips to make sure your boat is ready for any severe weather conditions that may arise. In addition to having a basic plan in place, there are two main factors that will determine the type of protection you need. These factors have to do […]

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Five Reasons Smart Owners Share Their Boats

Five Smart Reasons to Share Your Boat Offset Boat Ownership Expenses Let’s face it, owning a boat means shelling out cash even when you’re not actually out on the water. Even then, there’s that pesky issue of filling up the tank. Boats don’t run on air. Well, unless it’s a sailboat. Sailboats do run on […]

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