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8 Ways to Soak in the Last Bit of Summer Sun

Whether you are headed back to school, or you’re gearing up for the busy holidays with your family, the last lingering bit of summer sun that leads us to autumn shouldn’t be wasted. Boatsetter has eight ways to soak up the last bit of warmth before the autumn chill sets in. 1. Go to a beach. The […]

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Fishing rods

5 Tips to Choose the Best Fishing Rod

Once you figure out what boat to charter, you need to think about your equipment. Your fishing rod is an extension of yourself. It is a way for you to really connect with the water and it truly makes the difference between bringing in that huge haul and coming up with nothing. This short guide […]

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Your New Favorite Fishing Technique: Drifting

Learn how drifting will catch you the next big one! When most people went fishing in the past, they would find a good spot, drop anchor and see what bit. These days, a lot has changed as a result of new methods like slow-jigging, live-baiting, deepwater fishing and so on. As a result, drifting has […]

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