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How to Fish with Lures

Nothing beats getting out on the water and going fishing. You can get out there, relax and eat what you can catch! Most fishermen use fishing lures, but knowing the strategies on how to best use them can be tricky! We are going to give you the top four ways to use your lures so […]

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A greenblocked wrasse or surge wrasse

Fishing Roundup: Meet the founder of Hashtag and Release

Meet Jay Barker, fishing and adventure guide on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean, and read his advice in getting started fishing or for those already looking for the next big catch. What advice would you give to somebody who wants to fish more but isn’t sure what kind of equipment to get or […]

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World’s Top 10 Saltwater Fishing Locations

There are so many great places to fish that you could make incredible trip by hopping from one to another. From the cold waters of the northern Atlantic to the tropical Indian ocean, we are going to show you some of the best spots around the world to charter a boat, cast off and do […]

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fishing license

Fishing Licenses: Explained and Simplified

Many people think that if they want to fish, all they need to do is grab a rod, some bait and they are ready to cast off. But you can’t just do that. Although, they may seem like hassle fishing licenses are very important and they are the reason why you are still able to […]

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Angler’s Playbook: Fishing for Tuna

Do you like challenges? Are you ready to experience adventurous fishing moments? Tuna fishing might be just right for you. You are in a boat enjoying a lovely trip, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. What’s not to love? Everything is perfect until you hear somebody shouting.. It’s a tuna! It’s a […]

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