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Best Way to Spend the Holidays? (Hint: Boat Rentals)

Looking for a better way to celebrate? Check out holiday boat rentals this year! Why not forget about the painfully long lines and delays at the airports and make a dash for the ocean? Celebrating on a holiday boat rental beats any of the regular holiday gatherings, for sure. Imagine gazing upon jaw-dropping scenery like crystal-clear, turquoise […]

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Save a Turkey; Go Fishing!

Most of us think of Thanksgiving as a turkey holiday. But if you’re looking to start a new tradition, consider navigating your local waterways on your very own fishing boat rental! The Turkeys Need You: Book Your Fishing Boat Rental ASAP! Head out just before sunrise on Thanksgiving morning and follow the procession of fishermen into […]

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How to beat the mall crowds? Black Friday Boat Rentals!

What’s better than packed parking lots, crowded malls, and long checkout lines? Head out on the water for Black Friday boat rentals, the new (ultimate) way to SPEND something…it’s called time enjoying the water! Trending Now: Black Friday Boat Rentals Forget those long lines, we’ve got tight lines for all you anglers, and wide open […]

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