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5 New Tech Toys That Will Upgrade Your Boat

Who says that boats and tech can’t be best friends? We live in an increasingly gadget-ized world, and that includes some really interesting innovations designed specifically for use aboard boats. Chances are good you’ve got your own fish finder and GPS, so we’re going to go a bit of a different route with these suggestions. […]

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The Best Boating Accessories for 2018

Find the best boating accessories for your vessel This year’s boating season is upon us, which means you really need to be thinking about what boating accessories you need and want to optimize your time on the water. Boat accessories ramp up the fun and comfort you can enjoy on your boat.  Some boat accessories […]

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Top 9 Apps for hard core boaters

The App Store has everything for the tech savvy boater, from navigation, charting, weather reports, down to the boating basics. Don’t forget to bring your smart phone or tablet on board! Here are a few of our favorites to use while out on the water. BoatUS Towing  Instant access to 24-Hour assistance on the water, to the […]

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boat sharing

How Technology Changed the Face of Boating

Powerboaters and sailors agree that the GPS has been the single, most redefining element of modern boating but boat sharing with the onset of the sharing economy has changed the way people access boating. Boat Sharing Creates New Options for the Boating World! Technological advances in navigation and long-distance communications have opened up offshore racing […]

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apps for boat rentals

5 Apps No Boat Captain Should Even Try to Live Without

Boat captains use technology to improve boat safety, improve the overall boating experience for their clientele and here are five apps for boat rentals that no boat captain should even try to live without! Yep, there are apps for boat rentals for that! Attention Boat Captains: Download these apps for boat rentals that are ah-mazing! […]

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