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10 Must-Have Boating Accessories You Need Before Setting Sail

Be up-to-date before setting sail this Summer Hitting the water in a boat? It’s an incredible way to wash away the hot summer days. However, the right gear, equipment, and accessories can go a long way towards making your time on the water even more enjoyable. Not sure what you need on hand? We’ve got […]

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Ditch The Cab And Sail Through These New York Spots This Summer

Swing out of the concrete jungle and sail down the city’s unbeaten path. Summer is officially here, which means it’s time to ditch the big city lights and soak up that extended summer daylight. New York is a popular summer destination, particularly the city, but with rising heatwaves, it’s best to avoid the concrete at […]

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Bahama boat rental

Read These Tips Before Setting Sail To The Bahamas

By far, one of the best water adventures is securing a boat rental to sail to the Bahamas. There are certainly plenty of lessons to learn for first-time cruisers to ensure an amazing time sailing the Islands of the Bahamas. In the Bahamas, you will arrive to find the most beautiful blue waters perfect for […]

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The Latest Trends in Sailboats

Are you itching to try sailboating? Perhaps you are an expert sailor and just want to fine tune your skills on a new watercraft. Sailboat rentals offer you the opportunity to rent a sailboat and take it out on your own pace. In order for safe voyaging, certain aspects of the sailboat must be taken […]

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Preparing for Your First Sailboat Charter

Embarking on your first sailboat charter is like entering a fascinating amusement park where the rides keep changing. When you’re on the water, you can encounter varied wind and weather conditions, and you’ll never get bored with the scenery. As an added bonus, you’ll likely develop valuable sailing skills, opening the door to even more […]

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Sail the Ocean Blue like Christopher Columbus

Design and technology have come a long way since Columbus sailed the ocean blue back in 1492. With wide decks, automatic furling systems, carbon fiber and multi-hull construction, the sailboats of today are built for stability, performance and dependability. Most Popular Types of Sailboats in 2015 • Sloop sailboats have a single mast. The mast […]

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