Ways to Increase Bookings during Holiday Seasons

Nothing says holiday season like a day out on the boat! To ensure your boat is ready for the busiest times of the year, make sure your listing is up to date! If you're one of the few that haven't yet rented out for the upcoming holiday, here are a couple tips to keep in mind:

Special Holiday=Premium Price Opportunities

Like weekend pricing, premium holiday pricing is available through your Boatsetter dashboard! Don't forget to set your price as early as possible to guarantee good bookings! Need help coming up with a good rate? Feel free to peruse through comparables to keep yourself in the market! Still unsure? Give us a call at (305) 600-5435.

Update that Calendar

The calendar on your dashboard will allow you to make holiday pricing different from the rest of the week (or the same, if you wish). Log-on now to make sure potential renters are looking at the correct rate.

Special Rules (Do's and Don'ts)

Holiday's mean parties, fireworks, music, dancing and much more! Be sure to discuss what is and what isn't allowed on your boat with potential renters. This will guarantee them, and yourself, a stress-free holiday!

Work the Reviews

This is the perfect time to rack up those 5-star reviews! Personalize your boat rental and make it memorable for your renters. Whether it be leaving a note wishing them a great experience or a few extra water bottles for a sun-filled day, a nice gesture goes a long way. Have lingering questions regarding the upcoming holiday season? Give us a call! We're here for you at (305) 600-5435.


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