5 Tips for Whale Watching with Kids

Read our tips for the best whale watching experience!

Let’s face it, there a few animals more majestic and more inspiring than whales. Best of all, you get to take an awesome boat ride to see them in their natural habitat. If you are interested in taking your kids out for a whale watching adventure then follow this short guide so you can be sure that everybody gets to see these amazing creatures up close and personal.

1) Prevent Motion Sickness

Boat are a new thing for most kids so you need to be sure you have all the essentials necessary for them to be safe and comfortable. Of course, all boats are equipped with life jackets, but you also need to be sure that you have some other basic things as well. If your child has never been on a boat before (and even if they have), then you probably want to make sure they take a motion-sickness tablet. Nothing ruins a fun boat ride more than sea-sickness.

2) The Right Clothes

Conditions on the water can change very quickly from hot and sun to breezy and chilly. For this reason, you want to make sure you pack the right things for everyone to wear. Children are even more sensitive to cold, heat and particularly the sun. So be sure you pack some hats, sunscreen, sweaters and a bathing suit if you are in warm waters.

3) Equipment

You are going to want to be prepared for this. If you are specifically on a whale watching cruise, the captain will likely have everything you need. But if you are out for sail and want to also happen to see some whales then you are going to want to be sure to pack a few things. Binoculars are key. And get more than one! This is doubly true if you have multiple children.

4) Educate Them

Kids have learned some basic information about whales in school, but this is your time to really explain to them about whales. Before your trip, do a little Wikipedia research about the whales in your area. See if you can find some children’s books that your kids can read as well. Don’t forget to ask your captain as well, he probably knows more than anything you can find online! Most importantly, explain the importance of whale watching. It is one thing to teach them a bunch of information, but they will be much more excited if you show them why whales are so special!

5) Make It into a Game

Whether your child is an amateur Jacques Cousteau or would rather be playing video games at home, you can make whale watching even more exciting for them by turning it into a game. Make it their responsibility to search out and find the whales. Likewise give them extra points for identify the different species and unique features of the animals. Kids loves games and with them constantly searching the horizons, it will free you up for a little relaxation.

Whale Watching: A Great Family Activity

Whale watching is fun for everyone. It is a great way to bring the whole family together and get a glimpse into some of the most amazing creatures of the aquatic world. So whether you are going for a few hour cruise or a few week cruise through the Atlantic, then take time to do this incredible activity with your family!

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