It’s the Last Hurrah of Summer….What are your Labor Day Plans?

Labor Day – Monday September 7, 2015 – is the unofficial marker of summer’s end and is the last major holiday before Thanksgiving…so it’s imperative that we have as much fun as possible. The run of the mill backyard BBQ is not going to be enough to get us through almost three months of hard work.

“So, what should we do this Labor Day weekend?”

No doubt, this is the question that will be asked in unison in living rooms across the country. There will be average choices considered then sighs and sometimes even decisions to just stay home because the same old thing is not appealing.  (Been there, done that).

Few weekend options will rival the fun that comes with going boating on any weekend and on Labor Day, when extreme fun is so critical, it just became a no-brainer!

Boat owners are now shaking their heads in agreement. Yep, that’s what they’ll be doing this Labor Day. For those who don’t own a boat, you too can go boating this Labor Day. Renting a boat is easier than ever with the introduction of “boat sharing” to the boating world.

Boat sharing companies such as Boatsetter offer a selection of quality, privately-owned boats of all sizes, makes and models in a multitude of locations. The boats can be rented for half-day, the entire day or for the entire weekend. Captains are included meaning, literally, no previous boating experience is necessary.

It is as simple as booking the trip and showing up at the dock. Boom, this weekend’s fun meter just went full tilt.

To get started, choose the flavor of your boating fun. Here are some ideas to kick off your daydreaming:

  • Snorkel in quiet, unspoiled nooks and crannies
  • Chase the big fish
  • Just cruise with chilled drinks and snacks
  • Dockside dining with family and friends
  • Sandbar parties (Labor Day Sandbar parties are epic, by the way!)

So, there are only a few short weeks until Labor Day weekend. The best time to solidify your plans to go boating this Labor Day? Now!

Some friendly advice: don’t delay.

Demand increases, boats get reserved and you don’t want to be left at shore. Your friends are probably procrastinating so they’ll admire you for your vision and at the end of your boat charter this Labor Day, your status will be elevated to rock star.

Hurry up, Labor Day’s almost here!


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