Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Yacht

There are pontoons and speedboat and then there are yachts: the ultimate boating experience. These larger-than-life sea vessels are known for their luxury and comfort. We’ve all seen them before in the movies and in the news from the celebrities that call them home, and we always wanted to experience the grandeur of one for ourselves. Fortunately, Boatsetter has you covered with a wide range of yacht rentals from Galeon yachts to Meridian yachts. So whether you’re looking to rent a yacht or give one a test drive before purchasing one, there’s no better way to give a yacht a run for its money than with a Boatsetter yacht rental.

A good yacht is like having a good friend

With available yachts in places like Egg Harbor and Miami’s Biscayne Bay, there’s plenty of destinations for you to set sail. For those of you that are looking to buy a yacht, you should know that a yacht has many elements to it. With that being said, it’s always best to get the help of an expert to consult with you before taking the big leap and also a good idea to have a team of people inspect the boat beforehand, especially if it’s not brand new. Now, one of the hardest decisions to make when purchasing a yacht is deciding which yacht is the right yacht for you.

Test driving a yacht has never been easier

Every boat owner or future boat owner has different needs and while someone with a big family and lots for friends might need a sixty-footer, another person might be content with a forty-footer. That’s where Boatsetter comes in. With a Boatsetter yacht rental, you can meet the owner of the yacht beforehand and take the boat out on the water for a day or a few nights. You can lounge in the comfort of its interior living room and bedrooms while sipping back on champagne. You can also see how well the engine runs and how the boat holds up on the water. If one day isn’t enough, not to worry, you can extend your rental overnight and sleep under the stars.

The perfect yacht rental could become yours to own

And if the first boats not what you’re looking for, you can always rent another one for a test drive. Because isn’t that how any big purchase in life should be? Easily testable and available before making the big move. In terms of how much does a yacht cost, it’s pretty much a rule of thumb in the boating industry that you’re going pay around 1 million USD per each meter on a yacht, so dishing out 30-50 million for one of these luxury boats is definitely not out of the question. But let’s say that yacht you rented from Boatsetter just turns out to be the yacht of your dreams. Lucky for you, many of the yacht rentals on Boatsetter are also available for purchase and can even be bought at costs well below market value, that is, if you got your sales hat on!


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