A New Kind Of Yacht Rental Experience

Luxury dining on a yacht rental experience is dining taken to the next level. Whether you prefer decadent meals or simple appetizers, there are so many options for you to choose from. With or without a captain, Boatsetter is ready to hook you up.

Yacht Rental Experience Starts With Cuisine

How do you feel about waking up to fresh juice and coffee and warm pastries? You and your family could enjoy a private chef with your yacht rental experience who knows your specific tastes and prepares everything for you so you will not have to lift a finger. It is all part of your worry-free vacation.

Light and healthy lunches on deck are perfect for when you plan watersports activities for that afternoon. This is especially true if you are travel with children who can tire out or get hungry after a long excursion. In fact, a hearty meal would be welcome after a full day out taking turns on the WaveRunner! You will love the feeling you will get chowing down after scuba diving, snorkeling, or fishing on your yacht rental.

If you and your family are on board for a special occasion, such as a reunion, you can dress for dinner and enjoy a relaxing, upscale meal under the stars. Get some music going and have a dance party, too! This option is also ideal if you are dining on board with your significant other.

Explore new wineries and go wine tasting at sunset. Or you can pack a cooler and bring a few bottles of wine with you. Enjoy reds, whites, and Rosés and have a wine tasting competition with your fellow vacationers.

You can also use your yacht rental to find new or exotic delicacies you have not tried before. Try out local produce, or make a stop at every happy hour from one side of the coast to the other like a guided tour. You never know what place you can uncover next. Our captains are incredibly knowledgeable of the area and can direct your yacht to recommended restaurants. This time, feel free to go straight to the dessert! You and your family can enjoy chocolate and fruit right before heading to bed for the night.

If you want to choose just one of these options or all of the above, discover a whole new world of dining with Boatsetter. You can entrust your yacht rental experience to us.

Just search for what the perfect yacht rental experience, connect and book…then set sail (we recommend ASAP).


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