Yacht Rental Tips – The yachting lifestyle is easier than ever to access!

Check out these Yacht Rental Tips, including:

  • How to achieve the private yachting experience with no ownership
  • What novice boaters should know before their yacht rental
  • An overview of what to expect once you’ve booked your yachting adventure

Life starts on the water – Book your yacht rental today!

Yacht rental is hands down, the best way to experience the ocean even if you don’t own a yacht. Setting sail is easier than ever and the options are better with so many private yacht owners adapting to the sharing economy and safely sharing their pristine, private-owned yachts in top yacht rental destinations all over the world.

Here’s how yacht rental in the new world of sharing works:

  • A private yacht owner “lists’ his or her yacht for rent on a boat sharing company’s website. This is typically free and, the top companies in the marketplace pre-screen the boats as well as provide comprehensive insurance during the boat rental.
  • The yacht owner sets the yacht’s calendar of availability, the price and, in most cases, will include an option for a captain.
  • A potential renter browses online for the yacht rental that fits his or her budget, in the desired location and creates a booking request.
  • The yacht owner has the final approval on the details and once that is received. The yacht rental is set to sail.

If it sounds simple, that’s because it truly is!

The private yachting experience: One of the great things about yacht rental in today’s marketplace is the boater has the yacht rental all to him(or her)self – meaning no sharing with strangers. The renter and his guests have the run of the yacht and set their own boating course. This yacht rental experience is truly like owning a yacht for the duration of the yacht rental.

Yacht rentals are perfect for novice boaters – While a yacht rental might seem out of reach to someone who has no prior boating experience, it is more accessible than ever. Hiring a licensed captain makes the yacht rental seamless for the novice boater or even the experienced boater who is out of comfort zone or who wants to just kick back and enjoy the yacht rental with his or her family.

The sharing economy has changed the scope and offering of many marketplaces and yacht rentals are no exception. Now, it is easy to have the complete yachting experience without the ownership and by including an experienced captain, boating expertise is not a requirement.

What to expect on the day of your yacht rental:

Congrats on booking your yacht rental! Here are few helpful tips to review before you float away:

Reach out and connect: It’s a good idea to touch base with the yacht owner and captain prior to your boat rental date. Make sure you have all needed directions and parking details, ask any pressing questions and make a connection!

What to bring with on your boat rental: There are some do’s and of course don’t’s regarding what to bring or not bring on your upcoming yacht rental. If you are unsure, check out this blog post guide which provide tips for what to bring on your yacht rental. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

The checking out and checking In of the yacht: If you have a captain, he or she will assist you with this process where the boat’s pre-charter condition is signed off on and then again the post-charter condition is signed off on (very similar to what is done with a car rental).

Get schooled up on safety: So, the yacht captain will be onboard guiding you every step of the way but nonetheless, a bit of yacht safety tips are always good to keep in mind. Check out this yacht rental safety guide or attend a free boating safety course offered by the US Coast Guard and, of course, if you have a concern or a question, ask your yacht captain – that’s what he’s there for!

Now that you have all the information you need to get started, book your yacht rental today and start living the yachting lifestyle.


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